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"MM1…is priceless"

Black Tie Wealth Advisors

"I can confidently say this model is the
most effective I have ever seen or used."

Newport Wealth Advisors

"I have had success from my first seminar ever…
5 clients so far totaling $2.4 million in new AUM."

Anchor Investments

"This training is truly incredible!"

Ohde Wealth Management

"Keep up what you are doing man, the world needs more people like you!"

Bluestone 401k Advisors

How I Built a $115 Million RIA Firm From Scratch in Just 5 Years... Before My 30th Birthday
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Benefits of
MM1 Method

  • Identify what you really
    want from your business.
  • Clearly define whom you serve and
    the value you provide.
  • Build effective frameworks to
    get all the clients you want.
  • Help more people. Enjoy a better life.
"MM1 is not just a marketing system. It's a whole new way of thinking about your occupation as an actual business."
Learn More About the MM1 Method

The MM1 Methodology


What do you want? Who do you serve?

The MM1 Methodology


Clients are everywhere. How do you reach them?

The MM1 Methodology


Systematizations, frameworks, efficiencies.

The MM1 Methodology


Seminars still work. Very well too, if done right.

Learn More About the MM1 Method

Whether you’re a One Man Shop or a
Successful Multi-Partner Group with a Major Firm
you can apply MM1 Method to grow and
operate more efficiently.

The MM1 Method isn’t just about how we built our successful financial advisory business…

It’s about a growing community of advisors working together with shared visions and goals. We interact, strategize, communicate, and help each other along the way. MM1 is your virtual support group for everything successful, client focused advisors need to be doing to deliver better advice to their clients.

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About The MM1 Method Creator

Jason was a born entrepreneur and problem solver. He got started in the business at age 19 and was the youngest employee worldwide (of over 50,000) at one of Wall Street’s most recognized firms.

But growing his business wasn't easy at first.

Like many fresh faced newbies to the financial advisor world he was told to cold call, network, join associations, and hustle. What a racquet.

After failing miserably his first two years Jason took 9 months off to deconstruct what actually worked instead of just blindly following the blind. Coming back to the business and starting his own firm his rise

was meteoric. By age 26 he had built a $50 million RIA firm and by age 29 surpassed $100 million.

Today, at 31, he own two separate RIA firms collectively managing over $250 million in assets. He had no family help, no senior partner, and no professional designations or college education.

In 2011 he went back into deconstruction mode to break down the exact framework he used to have such success at such a young age. The result of this is The MM1 Method—breaking down a Million Dollar firm backwards and paying it forward.

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Like any business program worth something MM1 requires an investment. MM1 Method is $2,695 when paid in full and includes both lifetime membership to our online training and community portal. You can also choose to spread payments over three months at $949/mo.

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